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I’m Kyle M. Brown and I am passionate about – and experienced in – helping companies and people solve problems with process and technology. You can find more detail in my Linkedin Profile if you like.

I feel that the more important questions are:

What can you do to help me Kyle?

It depends. Maybe a little, maybe a lot. I consult with business owners to help them understand how to use processes and software to become more efficient, scale, increase profits or just free up the time spent running their businesses so they have the freedom to do whatever they want.

Why should I listen to you Kyle?

I’d say I have been fortunate – and curious – enough to develop a blended background of technical and business experiences.

Though my interest started and has always been in coding software, I developed a strong understanding and appreciation for the business perspective over the past couple of decades.

Some of those experiences are as follows:

I’ve worked with Verizon Communications for more than 15 years where I developed operations processes for enterprise – 7k reps – broadband call centers with locations both in the United States and around the world. These processes helped standardize and govern how the reps performed their day-to-day task with efficiency.

Founded a start-up – quickStarts – which is SaaS application that helps product support teams, create step-by-step instructions for using technical products or services, on the web. This company and it’s product failed to produce revenue and was closed in it’s first year. However it was successful in serving as a learning experience for starting a business – validating an idea, fund raising, building a team, C-Corp setup, etc. I keep the website online as a reminder of those experiences though it’s currently not my primary focus today.

Published Systematize which, is a book about removing yourself from your business using software and documented business processes, systematizebook.com. It contains interviews from a few accomplished tech entrepreneurs.

I know WordPress and several people in the community I first touched WordPress in 2003 and have spent time over the last few years getting to know the WordPress ecosystem from both an open source perspective as well as the Business or WordPress. I’ve contributed training, am a member of the #docs WordPress Slack Channel, created a few repository plugins.

I recently created a plugin that turns WordPress into a knowledgeable called wpDocs.co. And started an outsourced customer support service – wpSaaS.net – for WordPress theme and plugin business owners.

I am a U.S. Army Veteran and proudly served in Operation Desert Shield.


I am always interested in talking about innovative ideas, news, and projects. Feel free to contact me if you’d like to chat by email.