Ever Consider Google as your Big Brother?

Originally published on April 8 2007 on no defunct, adwords-articles.com. Republishing with minor tweaks and edits to links and some text.

Ever Consider Google as your Big Brother? Well think again, what you will read here may surprise you. Google as your Big Brother? Remember the Novel 1984 by George Orwell ? This book describes a society where everybody is under complete surveillance by the authorities, mainly by telescreens. The people are constantly reminded of this by the phrase “Big Brother is watching you”, which is the core “truth” of the propaganda system in this state.

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Bubble.io’s real power is in the database and API functions


What is bubble.io?

Bubble was founded in 2012. It’s a nocode / no-code / visual development application that allows non-technical creators to build web and mobile applications without writing traditional code also referred to as programming.

Source – According to quikStarts

At a higher level, Bubble is a tool that empowers creators to build software without writing traditional code. Bubble has a user interface that allows for:

  1. Visual click and drag functionality.
  2. Database.
  3. API (Consumption AND Serving)
  4. File storage.
  5. App hosting.

These are all powerful features and benefits. However, where, I believe the true power of bubble resides is in the database and the API features. The database itself functions like any other database at it’s core, eg. PostgreSQL, MySQL, Microsoft SQL, etc.


Time Saving

What’s a bit different is the ability to define data types and fields (know as tables in other database solutions) through the interface n realtime as the app is developed. This saves a lot of time and makes it easier to make changes that are discovered as the logic is being built after the planning phase.

In addition, linking database tables using primary and foreign keys is not required in Bubble. Bubble cares for building relationships to database types out of the box. There are techniques that can be used to make linking more robust if needed. This is another huge time saver.


Power through integration

Bubbles interface contains a native feature called the API Connecter. It makes consuming APIs less complex than writing code for this purpose. Think of a very light version of Postman ( a tool used for consuming, writing, and testing APIs). What would normally require weeks of development can now be done in hours or minutes.

Move past this benefit and onto the possibilities. A creator now has at their disposal the ability to integrate some, all, or a mixture of a wide variety of features and functionality for your application. Zeroqode has a list of available APIs. Be advised that this list inst all-inclusive and that any API can be consumed by bubble.

Reverse power through integration

Similarly to the potential when consuming APIs, bubble empowers creators to serve their app’s content by providing APIs. A creator now has at their disposal the ability to trigger functions or provide data for some, all, or a mixture of it’s features and functionality for other applications. This function allows creators apps to become platforms. The possibilities are endless.

Does Stripe integrate with PayPal (Updated 2021)

Originally published on 2/17/2017 – Updated 1/21/2021

NOTE: Accept digital payments for Stripe and PayPal in the same form. A solution is now available at CloudSwipe.net
Kyle and Stripes Co-Founder Patrick, chatting at MicroConf


No, Stripe doesn’t integrate with PayPal — we currently support credit and debit card payments.

Don’t take my word for it. Patrick Collison – who happens to be one of the co-founders of Stripe – used these exact words. In fact those are his words https://www.quora.com/Can-customers-pay-with-PayPal-via-Stripes-API/answer/Patrick-Collison

The fact is that PayPal and Stripe both serve the same purpose and that is processing debit and credit card payments. Merchant Maverick gets into much more detail on this comparison.

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What is nocode?

Nocode is a term that describes a method used by both computer programmers and non-computer programmers to build web and mobile applications (apps) using a graphical user interface instead of code.

Nocode is also known as, No Code, No-Code, visual programming. The idea itself is not a new one. There have been attempts, or rather what some refer to as early versions, at nocode tools that reduce the amount of programming required to build software applications in the past.

A few of them are Adobe’s Dreamweaver, Macromedia’s Flash (now Adobe Animate), and Microsofts Visual Basic.

Remote Life in the Covid-19 era


I am sure that you have been reading and hearing a lot about remote work and remote education since the COVID – 19 pandemic began. I certainly have. In fact, I’ve been hearing about and talking about the pros and cons of remote work and education for most of my IT career.

I’ve been in IT for three decades so doing things – work, education, socializing, etc – in a remote manner has been a part of my life for some time, so there is some bias just so you know. This article contains both my opinion and some facts.

Arguments that I typically read or hear for why remote work and education do not work:

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