Let me start by saying that REWORK is one of the best books I’ve read. A lot of this may have to do with the timing since in recent years I walked away from the corporate life into full time entrepreneurship which puts me in a state of mind that’s open to each experience (Cubicle, Business owner).

What I recognized immediately after I started reading the book was the consistent references to topics that I had instinctive thoughts and ideas about while inside of the cubicle but could rarely find anyone else that agreed or shared those thoughts.

Though I never doubted what I felt was real, it seemed strange that most of the time that I brought these thoughts up during a conversation, it was like I was talking to people that were on another planet. Most of these people were good people, but they just didn’t see it.

Fast forward a few years later and I now know, after surrounding myself with more like minded people (entrepreneurs) and working toward adding value to the world, that those people were just not seeing the world as I did. 

Anyway, enough about the past. Some of my favorite parts of REWORK are listed below followed by my comments):

Planning is guessing – Take action and do something.

Why grow? – A sustainable business that pays the bills is fine.

Workaholism – Looking like you are doing work and actually getting something done are two different things.

Make a dent in the universe – Go opposite the direction of the status quo.

Scratch your own itch – Create something that you have a need for.

Start making something – Start something. Whatever it is, it doesn’t matter, the point is to take action toward something. It is liberating.

No time is no excuse – We go to the office everyday on time for someone else. Yet, time is an issue for our own interest.

Draw a line in the sand – Find something that you believe in and stick too it no matter what you are told.

Reasons to quit – If its not working for you, then do something else. Life is short.

Interruption is the enemy of productivity – Probably one of the best arguments for working remotely.

Meetings are toxic –  The best argument for working remotely. Valuable meetings aside, this is one of the biggest time wasters in the modern work place that I have seen.

Make tiny decisions – This moves things forward quickly. The opposite of excessive planning.

Out-teach your competition – This is the new marketing. Give people something of value that they can use.

Resumes are ridiculous – What you have accomplished is your resume.

Forget about formal education – Education is a good thing if you actually want to learn something. Life experience is the best educator. Possessing a document doesn’t make you educated.

Everybody works – Those that delegate are for big companies that want to look good instead of being good.

Hire managers of one – Hire people that can get things done without having their hands held.

Send people home at 5 – No matter how much you do, there is more waiting for you the next day.

You don’t create a culture – Dont say it. Live it and let your actions create your culture.

ASAP is poison – What really needs to be done right way.


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