Why do companies suck at customer service after they start growing


3513439212_1d98e95a49_oThis is a rant based on true events. On multiple occasions I have had experiences with a company in its early stages and the customer service is great. They seem to go out of their way to make sure you are satisfied as a customer. However, when that same business starts to generate revenue, the customer service tanks. Your calls to the support number have extreme hold times, your emails go without responses, people start talking, complaints begin to show up on the internet. Sound familiar?

My belief is that these companies fall into one of three categories;

  1. The don’t have any idea how to run effective operations for their businesses.
  2. They are throwing so much at marketing to acquire new customers that they don’t care about the ones that they lose.
  3. They do not care because they have customers now and they are getting paid so thats all that matters.

If it’s 1 then they should read this post on customer service. If it’s 2 then they should get used to pumping dollars into marketing because they will need to to stay in business. If it’s 3 then good luck staying out of bankruptcy court.


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