Episode 06: Accountability to self, share what you know with the world

Episode 06: Kevin and I discuss accountability to self. Perspective on how we devalue our own worth. Sharing what you know with the world.

Episode 06
Episode 06

Mentioned during the podcast:
Patrick McKenzie – https://training.kalzumeus.com/newsletters/archive/do-not-end-the-week-with-nothing


  • Volunteer your skills or services.
  • Blog or Facebook about it.
  • On the topic of personal accountability; Get with like minded people so that they can hold you accountable.

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Episode 05: Stop getting in your own way and beat FEAR

Getting Started with Entrepreneurship
Getting Started with Entrepreneurship

This week Kevin Logan and I discuss how we (people) get in our own way and how fear is often at the root.


  • Be willing to be honest with yourself.
  • Understanding fear is at the root of many of your challenges.
  • Be willing to listen and take direction from others about your fear.
  • Get into groups of people with like minded people for support and accountability.

Note: We apologize for the faint white noise in the background.
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Episode 04: Starting small, know the value of your time

In this episode Kevin and I discuss starting small, knowing the value of your time. Other miscellaneous topics include documenting business processes and farmers as entrepreneurs, hand crafted products that complete the customer versus mass-produced products. Ops – Document the things that you do in your business. A real life example.

Actions and notes

References made during the podcast:

Start with small initiatives
Often we think that large is the best route to get started – for example A dressmaker goes out and borrows  money and opening a storefront may mean that you are in business but wouldn’t sewing three dresses and placing them in an online marketing place such as Esty (a marketplace for creators) be a quicker and easier way to start.

  • Blog, Facebook page, Esty page, attend a farmers market

Episode 03: Stop planning and start today

Jeff Hardy (AUS) dive action Swimming 2000 Sydney PG

Start today!

Today we spend time talking about taking action versus of planning.

  • Take action on something today.
  • We think it is all good to wait on what we want until it is taken from us via pink slip, so why wait?

Actions and notes

  • Planning has its place but won’t get you to your goal without action.
  • Take action on something today.
  • Trying new things is only a waste if you don’t learn something.
  • Taking action buys you experience that you can not get from a plan.

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Episode 02: What does success look like, dealing with finances during your transition

This week Kevin and I discuss what society says success looks like versus what it looks like in our lives. We also discuss dealing with financials when you are making the transition from the day job into entrepreneurship.

Note: This audio was a little choppy in this episode. We are working at improving it and it should be better next week.

Some of the detail:


  • The myth of making a smooth transition.
  • Identifying what you will really need to reach revenue.
  • Savings can helps

Actions and notes

  • Success is what you determine that it to be and not someone else.
  • Building  a fulltime business of your own while only giving part time effort to it is not as common as you think.
  • Leveraging your retirement savings as a supplement during your transition.
  • Determine what you really need to live on if you were no longer in your job.
  • Get with your HR department and become familiar with your retirement savings balances.

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