You Understand the Value of Systematizing but don’t know where to start with your Startup

e66cf38c054d7c9fa4050d4a13625342_viewI recently listened to a podcast about hiring a virtual assistance and using them in a startup company. It’s entitled “How to Use a VA in Your Startup” over at the Startups for the rest of us blog. As I listened I thought about some questions that I often receive from you about business processes as follows: “Where do I start with systematizing?”, “How do I use processes to help my business?”

While the post does not get into any level of detail about the manner in which you manage the VA’s specifically (I am writing a book that will help you learn how to do that), it does a great job of identifying task that you can consider systematizing and handing off to someone else.

Some of the highlights to consider that I totally agree with:

  • Repetitive task are great for systematizing
  • Things that you feel only take a few minutes to complete do not account for time lost from the distraction.
  • When a task is handed off to someone else, they are focusing 100% on that task and that will often yield better results than your < 100% focus while multi tasking.

If you are running a startup today then you will likely find one or many things on the list that are applicable to you. So get started today.