Episode 01: Part 1 – How to get started as an entrepreneur


In this inaugural recording, I talk to my guest Kevin Logan about experiences and some of the challenges with mindset in regards to getting started as an entrepreneur.

Some of the points discussed:

  • Getting your mind right first.
  • Dealing with family.
  • Dealing with the loneliness of the journey – prepare to be alone a lot.
  • Learning to function outside of the bubble – connecting with like minds.

2 Replies to “Episode 01: Part 1 – How to get started as an entrepreneur”

  1. I really enjoyed this discussion by Kyle and Kevin. Especially if your an upcoming Entrepreneur like myself you get incite from these successful experienced Entrepreneurs and what they went through to get there. Like the amount of confidence you have like “you setting up yourself for failure or setting yourself up for success.” I really enjoyed this recording and am looking forward to part two of this episode.

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