How to know when something is too good to be true


Have you ever heard the term, “All that glitters is not gold?”  I have. I mean, just because something sounds good doesn’t mean that it is. In life there are messages being broadcast to you constantly. Most seem to lure you in with promises that sound almost too good to be true. So you buy in and find out that your instincts were right. It was too good to be true and it cost you either money or time.


Wouldn’t it be nice if you could spot these snake oil salesman at the door? Suppose you could tell when you heard something whether it was a good thing? What if you could cut through all of that noise around you and only hear real messages?

Well, I have been thinking about this a lot lately. Not because I’ve been victimized, although I have, but because I’ve noticed a trend that’s kept me from being a victim again. One of the things I have learned as an entrepreneur (and in life) is that there is one very easy way to solve this issue. Its easier than you might think. Ready for it?


The answer is value. If there is value in it that can help you achieve, or move closer to achieving a goal or an objective then its likely a good thing. If it does not help you move closer to or achieve a goal, then there is no value for you and it likely isn’t worth your time or money.


So the next time someone tries to offer your something or your are considering something that sounds good, try to find the value in first. Ask them or do your research. Find something in it for yourself besides promises and rebuttals. Try that, and see if it helps you. It’s helped me.



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