Summary of the past few weeks of June


Wow, It is July already. I wanted to capture some of what I have been up to in June. In brief, I have not posted any new content here in a couple of weeks. This is a short summary of what I have been doing with my time. I have been working on a few things that I will share in this post as follows:

Marketing my book Systematize 
If you are writing a book or creating a SaaS app, you want to launch it to an audience and not crickets. My mailing list was not growing and I knew I needed to start getting some attention to make that happen. I reached out to some entrepreneurs and was able to get some of my articles on the topic published before their audiences. One of the articles can be found here at the BidSketch blog. There are a few others that have not yet been published but will be soon.

Finalizing my book Systematize
Putting the finishing touches on the book. Completing interviews and working through pricing strategies.

Working on a WordPress Plugin
Released a free plugin for documenting step-by-step instructions in WordPress.

Working on a WordPress Service business
Not really much to say here except that this is a support service for WordPress Plugin business owners. I have a paying customer and we are learning for the moment. This was a part of an experiment to validate an idea in seven days.


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