Processes for start ups


This post was inspired by a post by Tom Molyneux at successfulworkplace. As a consultant, I’ve found that starts ups and small businesses, tend to feel that processes are not needed and are something that only large companies use.

Further, they feel that processes are something that slows large companies down. Being small provides the advantage of being nimble and you cant do that if you have to follow process is the believe a lot of times.

I believe that process implementation done properly, actually is a huge benefit to a small business or startup. When your business is small is precisely the time to implement processes.

It keeps your business fluid and synchronized. When dealing with outsourcing and remote staff, the obstacles are minimized by consistent process.

Try to document one thing, you can create a Word document, that you have to do multiple times per day in your business. Then sign it, date it and share that document with your staff.


WelcomeAlthough, this isn’t my first blog, this is the first time I feel that I have something to say.

I’ve been doing what I know now was testing and finding something to say for a few years.

My objective here is simple. I want to share information about experiences and lessons learned in life and business.

In order to learn and to hopefully help, teach or save someone else some time.

So welcome and please share your own experiences and commentary.