Do you offer a product or service and have the need to bill your customers a one-time fee and at the same time have them subscribed to a recurring plan? Do you use Stripe to process your credit card payments?

If you answered yes to either one of these questions, then this article will explain how you can do this seamlessly.

Three reasons to use a setup fee with recurring billing feature:

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While having a conversation about launching a new product with a mentor, friend and colleague Kevin Logan it dawned on me that I could share my experiences to help not only him but others that may be facing a similar challenge. I specifically recall techniques that I learned from the MicroPreneur academy, Brennan DunnNathan Barry, and of course Amy Hoy just to name a few.

At any rate, here is how I went from no product to $500 in the first hour after releasing my product. The product in this case was an ebook. You may not think of an ebook as a product but it is. Continue reading

Easy Digital Downloads, commonly known as EDD, helps you easily sell digital downloads through WordPress with an easy to use WordPress e-commerce plugin.

Drip is SaaS (Software as a Service) that makes lightweight email marketing automation a snap.

Together these two products can help you build an infrastructure that helps improve your ROI for each sale by keeping engaged with your customer after the sale with follow up emails.

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Guilt for not posting as frequently drove me to this update. In an attempt to be productive, I am trialling a short brief post (status update style).

Products and service in the WordPress space – I am exploring both a product in this space and a service. The service is What started as a seven day validation test and transformed into a service business.

The product is currently available at . This is actually a long time idea that existing prior to taking its current WordPress form.

Strategy for 2015 – Last year I aimed for several goals. My results are: Continue reading


stripe-paypalWhy I canceled PayPal Pro and built a terminal app with Stripe was the original title and objective. I thought this was going to be a much longer journey than it was. My plan was to reference this code at git and put together my own Stripe Terminal.

The fact is that I have been using PayPal from the very early days even before there was a PayPal Pro product. PayPal Pro made it easy for me to accept credit card payments using the virtual terminal (a web page that allows me to enter the customer’s credit card information to be charged without hardware). In addition, they released a free credit card swipe device (to counter their competitor Square no doubt) that they sent me in the mail for free. That along with the mobile app, made it even more appealing.

I mean I was now better equipped to process mobile payments while out in the world, conferences, meetings etc. However, there was still the $30 per month charge that I had to pay. Takes money to make money right. So it was an expense that was worth the cost.

Stripe on the other hand charges on a per transaction basis, which is more lean and cost efficient for my needs. The only thing that slowed my migration to Stripe from PayPals Pro service was that using Stripe would require some development time to meet my functional needs. Continue reading

e66cf38c054d7c9fa4050d4a13625342_viewI recently listened to a podcast about hiring a virtual assistance and using them in a startup company. It’s entitled “How to Use a VA in Your Startup” over at the Startups for the rest of us blog. As I listened I thought about some questions that I often receive from you about business processes as follows: “Where do I start with systematizing?”, “How do I use processes to help my business?”

While the post does not get into any level of detail about the manner in which you manage the VA’s specifically (I am writing a book that will help you learn how to do that), it does a great job of identifying task that you can consider systematizing and handing off to someone else.

Some of the highlights to consider that I totally agree with:

  • Repetitive task are great for systematizing
  • Things that you feel only take a few minutes to complete do not account for time lost from the distraction.
  • When a task is handed off to someone else, they are focusing 100% on that task and that will often yield better results than your < 100% focus while multi tasking.

If you are running a startup today then you will likely find one or many things on the list that are applicable to you. So get started today.


Wow, It is July already. I wanted to capture some of what I have been up to in June. In brief, I have not posted any new content here in a couple of weeks. This is a short summary of what I have been doing with my time. I have been working on a few things that I will share in this post as follows:

Marketing my book Systematize 
If you are writing a book or creating a SaaS app, you want to launch it to an audience and not crickets. My mailing list was not growing and I knew I needed to start getting some attention to make that happen. I reached out to some entrepreneurs and was able to get some of my articles on the topic published before their audiences. One of the articles can be found here at the BidSketch blog. There are a few others that have not yet been published but will be soon.

Finalizing my book Systematize
Putting the finishing touches on the book. Completing interviews and working through pricing strategies.

Working on a WordPress Plugin
Released a free plugin for documenting step-by-step instructions in WordPress.

Working on a WordPress Service business
Not really much to say here except that this is a support service for WordPress Plugin business owners. I have a paying customer and we are learning for the moment. This was a part of an experiment to validate an idea in seven days.