Episode 01 Part 2: How to get started as an entrepreneur


In this second part to the first recording we try to focus on things (actions) that have worked for us that may work for you.

Some of the points discussed:

  • Getting your mind right first.
  • Dealing with family.
  • Dealing with the loneliness of the journey – prepare to be alone a lot.
  • Learning to function outside of the bubble – connecting with like minds.

Actions that you can take:

  • Get outside of your comfort zone.
  • Find people that think like you. The people you work with are not going to understand.
  • Get out of your own way. Learn who you are and what you want not the company.
  • Use your down time to learn something that you have not learned before.

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2 Replies to “Episode 01 Part 2: How to get started as an entrepreneur”

  1. Great podcast. “Jumping off the cliff is not necessarily quitting your job.” True that. But it does require quitting the mindset of spending time on things that don’t line up with the best vision you have of yourself.
    “What came first the chicken or the egg?”
    I think the answer is neither, I pose that the vision of the chicken came first.
    It’s been my experience that my passions help me accesses a vision in a particular business related area. Once that occurs a natural drive to attract the right information and people kicks in to help bring that vision from the realm of ideas into a real world strategic process.
    Courage, patience, and trusting the process is key to moving forward and succeeding as an entrepreneur. Pro Tip: Fail Forward Fast!

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