Episode 02: What does success look like, dealing with finances during your transition


This week Kevin and I discuss what society says success looks like versus what it looks like in our lives. We also discuss dealing with financials when you are making the transition from the day job into entrepreneurship.

Note: This audio was a little choppy in this episode. We are working at improving it and it should be better next week.

Some of the detail:


  • The myth of making a smooth transition.
  • Identifying what you will really need to reach revenue.
  • Savings can helps

Actions and notes

  • Success is what you determine that it to be and not someone else.
  • Building  a fulltime business of your own while only giving part time effort to it is not as common as you think.
  • Leveraging your retirement savings as a supplement during your transition.
  • Determine what you really need to live on if you were no longer in your job.
  • Get with your HR department and become familiar with your retirement savings balances.

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