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Artificial Intelligence | Machine Learning | Chatbots | Robotic Process Automation

artificial Intelligence-machine learning-chatbots-robotic process automation
artificial intelligence – machine learning – chatbots – robotic process automation

Objective: At the moment, this page is a placeholder for my research and analysis of artificial intelligence – machine learning – chatbots – robotic process automation.

The following terms are similar to one another and are defined as follows:

We will also document predictive analytics, CRMs

Updated 1/31/2019

What is the difference between Chatbots and Robotic Process Automation ( RPA )

One of the questions that many people are asking. The answer is as follows:
Both chatbots and Robotic Process Automation fall under the artificial intelligence umbrella. The way that they differ is that chatbots attempt to mimic human behavior by analyzing customers questions then comparing those questions against a source and tries to provide an answer based on that information.

List of Chatbot examples (Click here for details):

1. Starbucks
2. Lyft
3. Fandango
4. Spotify
5. Whole Foods
6. Sephora
7. Mastercard
8. Staples
9. The Wall Street Journal
10. Pizza Hut

One the other hand robotic process automation does not necessarily target customers but instead targets repetitive task. Those repetitive tasks  – normally performed by humans – are automated using software.

Updated 2/1/2019

Robotic Process Automation is getting a lot of attention from corporations that are seeking to increase margins by reducing operations cost. What I like to refer to as “spare change scaling”. I coined this phrase because as an operations professional I recognized that most of the attention is generally focused on making money instead of maximizing the money that you already are making. In other words, if you optimize your operations, you will find money – spare change – that has been there along without struggling to find new customers.

There appear to be several Artifical Intelligence platforms emerging for creating Chatbots and for Robotic Process Automation ( RPA )

List of Chatbot platforms
1. Aivo
2. Botsify
5.Flow XO
6. Imperson
7. Its Alive
8. ManyChat
9. Meya.AI
11. Octane AI
13. Reply.AI

List of RPA – Robotic Process Automation platforms

  1. UiPath RPA | Robotic Process Automation
  2. Automation Anywhere
  3. Foxtrot
  4. Pega
  5. Automate
  6. Blue Prism
  7. AutomationEdge
  8. RPA Express
  9. WinAutomation
  10. Oracle Process Cloud

Training and Certifications for Robotic Process Automation

It appears that RPA is getting a lot of attention from corporations at the moment. This is important because this author believes strongly that corporate interest, drive innovation, and creativity in the tech space – and other spaces. It appears that RPA is breaking out in terms of a key phrase that is being searched around the world (See Figure 1. below) in addition to the article that I referenced earlier in the article which supports corporate interest in RPA.

Figure 1.


List of Robotic Platform Automation Platforms offering training and certifications

  1. UiPath Certification (Free Until March 31st 2019)
  2. Automation Anywhere University
  3. Blue Prism
  4. Pega
  5. AutomationEdge
  6. Open Span
  7. RPA Express


I was busy the past couple of days, so I didn’t make any major advancements on this topic. Given that the UiPath Certification Training is free until March 31st, the Platform is open source with a Community Edition, and there appears to be quite an active community – which is important when learning or using any software application –  I decided to sample the course.


SEO Update – We were indexed by Google immediately after creating the initial post. How to get Google to instantly index your website? In brief, we simply submitted the url to Google using the Webmaster tools console. There are many factors that you would need to consider if you want to take this approach. This blogs domain name is aged and the site has been indexed for quite some time. My point is that results may vary from site to site.

If you own a new website, this is a good resource for getting indexed (

UiPath Certification – One of the first things I wanted to determine when I decided to sample this certification as stated in the 2/9 update above, was how long it would take to complete it.

What I found was that this is not really clearly quantified on the UiPath website. What I was able to determine was the individual courses offered and the completion times associated with them on one of the training pages.

The website is fairly clear on the time commitment for taking the actual certification itself but not very clear on which courses should be taken in order to prepare for the certification. The following statement was pulled from the certification page:

“If UiPath is new to you, we strongly recommend completing the RPA Developer Advanced Learning Plan (Foundation, Orchestrator and Advanced trainings and REFramework knowledge) before applying for the certification.”

This is a good start but each of those is not a specific course. Some are categories that contain courses which makes it unclear which actual courses are required.

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