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Public-Mind-Games-by-Verizon-and-T-Mobile1Its been just under a month since my last post. The reason is that, I decided to stick my toe into the world of mobile game development and test it out.

Game development is something that originally got my attention and is most of the reason that I touched my first computer as  a teen.

I started then, with the basic programming language and sprites to create images. I remember that it took hours to get an image to appear on the screen of the Commodore 64.

Over time, I’ve worked with  Adobe’s Flash and created a few small projects but nothing too impressive.

About 45 days ago, I stumbled upon a post inside of a members only forum for entrepreneurs about the feasibility of Mobile games as a business. The author was questioning  whether or not you could build a mobile business by purchasing and putting together source code and images.

At a glance, this interested me because it was in an area where I had both interest and experience.  What intrigued me the most was the short amount of time that one (with the right skill set) could assemble and ship a mobile game primarily due to the high level of interest and tools now available in the gaming space.

In a period of 31 days from start to finish (23 if you minus the Apple approval time), I was able to publish an iPhone game to the Apple app store. Over the next 15 days post release,  it was downloaded over 500 times and the app became profitable meaning I covered all of the development cost.

I’m declaring the first test of this business of mobile games a success and am now working on  5 additional games. Stay tuned.

Nov 7 2013

I currently have 4 games or 12 units* in the app store, 1 awaiting review and approval from Apple and 8 more units that I plan to publish by years end.

*I count iPhone, iPad, free and paid versions as individual units  because although its the same game, it has a different revenue model and audience.

I plan to document everything step that I took in order to get to this point right here so leave your email address in the form below or follow by RSS or just return to learn how I did this.

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