Episode 04: Starting small, know the value of your time

In this episode Kevin and I discuss starting small, knowing the value of your time. Other miscellaneous topics include documenting business processes and farmers as entrepreneurs, hand crafted products that complete the customer versus mass-produced products. Ops – Document the things that you do in your business. A real life example.

Actions and notes

References made during the podcast:

Start with small initiatives
Often we think that large is the best route to get started – for example A dressmaker goes out and borrows  money and opening a storefront may mean that you are in business but wouldn’t sewing three dresses and placing them in an online marketing place such as Esty (a marketplace for creators) be a quicker and easier way to start.

  • Blog, Facebook page, Esty page, attend a farmers market

Episode 03: Stop planning and start today

Jeff Hardy (AUS) dive action Swimming 2000 Sydney PG

Start today!

Today we spend time talking about taking action versus of planning.

  • Take action on something today.
  • We think it is all good to wait on what we want until it is taken from us via pink slip, so why wait?

Actions and notes

  • Planning has its place but won’t get you to your goal without action.
  • Take action on something today.
  • Trying new things is only a waste if you don’t learn something.
  • Taking action buys you experience that you can not get from a plan.

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