How the micropreneur academy showed me another way



I was looking through some old post and found a draft from a few years back. I started writing this post in February 2013 about the experiences that led me on a journey which has led to bootstrapping several products and a service today. Everything that follows was written on February 21, 2013 with some minor tweaks.

I had graduated from a Tech Accelerator where I had learned a lot about building a start up. Can’t forget that I got a chance to meet some great great like minded individuals. However, most of what I was taught was about building and structuring a company that followed a certain pattern that appeals to investors. And then pitching Angel and VC investors on that start-up /idea. Continue reading “How the micropreneur academy showed me another way”

Speed kills not only in sports but also in tech


The term “Speed Kills” is commonly used in sports analogies when someone has been put at an obvious disadvantage during an event. I am a fan of the NFL and its common to hear someone say, “man, he got burnt” which means that one player has left another a few steps behind as he strides into the end zone.

A 15 second search of Twitter shows evidence to back up my statement.

In the Start up world raising Venture capital is referred to as a means of speeding up the process to success. The reason being is that raising money allows you access to resources such as developers, marketing budget and mentors (providing you get the right investors). In the Internet culture, lots of information is shared freely. The pro here is that there are resources available for nearly any topic and those resources are growing. However, there are con’s also. One of those con’s is that noise also known as spam, crappy sales sites for poor quality products or fraudulent sites also grow in number. Continue reading “Speed kills not only in sports but also in tech”